USA Overview

The constitution that represents federal republic is given the name to United States of America. The United States of America has been all over leader in the field of education, setting standards for quality of education, its allegiance to excellence, the extended scope for research and education flexibility in different streams as is authentic in the talent that’s grow and create in the Top Ranking Universities of USA. There are many symbols that represent USA. Some of the most popular are the US flags, The Statue Of Liberty, The Lincoln memorial, the White house and many more. The USA flag consists of 13 equal horizontal stripes. There is one for the each of the first thirteen colonies of the United States. As there are fifty states in United States, there are fifty stars on the American flag one star foe each state. United States has the largest consumer market in the world. USA is not only having the largest economy but also is the one of the most stable state in the world.

Why study in USA

USA is the third-largest country by spreading over an area land and population. It is one of the world’s most virtuous diverse and multicultural nations, due to large-scale immigration from many countries. There is the breadth of knowledge is a diverse range of subjects unique especially for aspiring leaders of the future. As a result of different learning from top quality faculty and overall student cultural enhancement their commitment to excellence remains successful. i.e. from 100 Top World Universities 40 Universities are in US. More over 6 of the Top 10 Universities in the world are also in United States.

The skilled manpower is largely immigrants. USA has a stimulating culture and healthy economy as it has been the on crossroads of universally influences of immigrants from all over the world.

USA has top Universities and hosts more International students than any other country. US degrees are acknowledged around the world for their academic excellence and enhanced learning experiences.

USA is known for their latest technologies and advancement which gives student a good chance to make their future in their fields. USA has always been the centre of attraction of inventions. Students therefore have first end knowledge about cutting edge technologies with excellent research opportunities.

USA student visa guidelines

The F-1 visa is for full-time students enrolled in an academic or language program. F-1 students may stay in the US for the full length of their academic program plus 60 days. F-1 students must maintain a full-time course load and complete their studies by the expiration date listed on the I-20 form.

Documents required are :

Valid Passport
One Passport size photograph ( as per specifications)
A Non-immigrant Visa Application (Form DS-160) is to be filled online and printed copy of the form has to be submitted.
Form I-20 executed by the authorizing official of institution concerned, signed by the applicant.
Evidence of financial ability to cover the costs of the education and maintenance involved
Receipt of the Visa fee, which has been deposited in advance in specified branches of HDFC Bank
Copy of visa appointment , to be obtained online.

When to apply :

An applicant may apply for a student Visa not earlier than 120 days before the registration date specified on the FORM I-20. If the registration date is already passed or the applicant cannot reasonably expect to arrive at the school by the registration date, the applicant should obtain an amended I-20 or a letter of extension from the issuing institution stating by what date the applicant may arrive.

Step by step process:

You must have applied to the institution that is approved by US goverments student and exchange visitor program (SEVP).
The institution will entroll your application to Student and Exchange visitor information system (SEVIS).
The instituiion will send you I-20.

Pay SEVIS fees: 200 USD

For paying SEVIS fee, you need to filea SEVIS I-901 form online. (link:

US studen visa application DS-160(Link:

DS160 form is a fully integrated online application form and its data will be submitted electronically (via the Internet) to the Department of State. DS-160 form will collect the necessary information from persons seeking a nonimmigrant visa to the US.

Digital Photograph
Passport details
Family Information
Address where you will stay
SEVIS ID and address of university or institution as printed they appear on Form I-20

Visa application process:

Create Profile: Link:
“Stanley cash deposit receipt” need to carried to any branch of Axis bank or Citi bank to make 160 USD fees.
After payment realization, then book visa slot, first you need to schedule OFC (Offsite facilitation centre) appointment to submit your biometric information. And then book your visa appointment.

Things to carry during OFC appointment:

DS-160 form confirmation receipt and visa fee payment receipt.

Things to carry for visa interview:

DS- 160 confirmation form (with stamp after submitting biometric data )
Visa fee payment receipt issued by Axis/Citi bank
SEVIS payment receipt
Visa appointment letter

Supporting academic documents:

All academic documents
Admission letter and I-20 of all universities
GRE score card
TOEFL/PTE/IELTS score card

Supporting financial documents:

Bank loan sanction letter
Fixed deposit receipts
Bank statement (Last 3 – 6 months)
Pay slips / IT return of the sponsor
Property evaluation, land documents, assets, gold, CA verified documents

Additional documents:

Work experience letter
Payslip, IT return and ID card
SOP, Resume