Why Study in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the major tourism nations and birthplace of international Banking, High-Tech Industry and Insurance Businesses. Three important European cultures-German, French and Italian- come together in Switzerland and many Swiss speak two or more language, with English as a fourth unofficial national language. Many international institutions have set their headquarters here. Switzerland is one of the most international countries, allowing students to gain global experience and contacts during multicultural exposure, in a safe and secure environment. Known for world-class quality and efficiency, studying in Switzerland will give you a new understanding of dependability, honesty, trustworthiness, cleanliness, punctuality, and professionalism.

Paid Internships:

The students who meet the criteria of excellence in classes, attitude and social competence will be offered to do internships both in Swiss and international companies. however, the chance to have internships is also based on the availability.

Switzerland Visa Guidelines

A receipt & enrollment confirmation will be sent to you as soon as university has received the initial payment.

At this stage you will need to contact the Swiss Embassy, book appointment for a student visa interview.

The balance of your school fee for the first year must be paid after university has presented a proof of your visa confirmation but not later than 4 weeks prior to the term commencement date.

Upon receiving full payment, University will issue an NOC (No Open Cost) letter and will send it directly to the Swiss Embassy in your hometown so you may receive your visa stamp. After which, you may book your flight ticket to Switzerland.

Foreign nationals can study in Switzerland for a period of up to 3 months without a student/residence permit. However, if their stay exceeds 3 months within one year a permit has to be applied for. The application has to be submitted to the Swiss Consulate General which will then be forwarded to the Cantonal authority, in Switzerland. The whole process takes 6 to 8 weeks.

Switzerland Visa Application Centre in India

2nd Floor,
Aurum House,
Plot no. 25,
Dadyseth lane,
Chowpatty Bandstand,
Mumbai – 400007
Tel: 0091-22-6610 3407
E-mail: infowest.swin@vfshelpline.com
Website: www.vfs-ch-in.com

Switzerland student visa requirements:

1. Applications forms for a long stay visa (visa D) will be accepted, fully completed and signed by the applicant. (www.eda.admin.ch)

2. Valid passport with available pages for visa sticker and of “standard” quality (not damaged, torn, faded etc). Will be handed back to you after the interview. Your previous passport. Of available

3. New passport sized photographs (size 35-40mm in width, no copy or scanned photograph).

4. Photograph should be pasted on the three forms and the other photo to be given along with the application. Stapled or pinned photographs would not be accepted.

The following documents have to be submitted in original as well as copies in triplicate of the same:

5. A curriculum vitae including an explanation of the intentions of the applicant in Switzerland

6. An attestation from the school/college/university in Switzerland (acceptance letter)

7. Receipt of payment of school fees from Switzerland

8. Type-written declaration by the applicant stating that he/she will return to India on the completion of his/her studies

9. Affidavit/covering letter on business letterhead from the sponsor stating that he/she would bear the study expenses.

10. Copies of first and last pages of passport.

11. Evidence of financial resources (Bank statement/Certificate, Income-Tax papers) of the applicant or the person who sponsors his/her education. Fixed Deposits will not be considered.

12. Letter from the bank confirming that the loan (if any) has been sanctioned Proof of academic qualification (Certificates, diplomas) The above mentioned documents have to be clipped together (not stapled) in order as mentioned above.

13. All individuals applying for a student visa will be charged the following fees provided they are going to stay over a period of 90 days in Switzerland.

The below mentioned fees need to be paid vide 3 individual demand drafts in favour of

Consulate General of Switzerland, Mumbai. Visa Fees INR 3600 Language Gradation INR 3300 Postage INR 250 Students who are accepted at ETH and EPFL for an internship (will receive a stipend) have to pay only INR 250 as postage fee for the forms to be sent to Switzerland. The decision to conduct a language test rests solely with this Consulate General. No enquiries on telephone / e-mail will be entertained after the submission of the application.

IMPORTANT: Photocopies of all relevant documents must be provided for the Embassy. Do not submit originals. Once submitted, no document will be returned. Please note that this is not exhaustive list. If necessary, you may be requested to bring additional documentation or to appear for a personal interview.

Switzerland Part TimeJobs

Incoming students in Switzerland are permitted to take on limited employment during the semester under the terms of the resident permit with which they are issued (L-Permit). Foreign students may work in addition to pursuing their studies. However, the length of the studies may not be extended as a result of the gainful employment. You can look for a job either via general job websites, newspaper ads, the student body at the university or the university itself. The website below has various links to individual universities.

Students may work to help cover living costs during the term. They may work either,

1. Up to 15 hours per week during the semester or
2. Up to two months during vacation, following the term of study

Living Expense in Switzerland

The cost of living in Switzerland reflects the country’s high standard of living. Residents enjoy excellent infrastructure, comprehensive public transportation, good quality accommodation, and superior cultural and tourism offerings.

Student living costs in Switzerland are comparable to major European cities and are, in fact, lower than those in Paris and London.

Living costs depend heavily on personal lifestyles and on one’s choice of recreational activities. Based on the experience of former students, CHF 1,300 a month should be allowed for. A typical student budget for one month includes:

Rent and Utilities: 500 – 750
Food: 200 – 400
Transport: 50 – 100
Leisure activities: 150 – 200
Course Materials: 50 – 50
Misc. Expenses: 100 – 200
Total Expense for one month: 1,040 – 1,690