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Career Counselling Service: Why To Study in New Zealand

Career Counselling Service: Why To Study in New Zealand

Are you planning to study in New Zealand, but still not sure about your destination? Don’t worry and allow us to clear your clouds of confusion. Students from the parts of the world now want to study in New Zealand because of quality education at affordable fees. But that is only one of the major reasons behind to study in New Zealand. Let us look at important reasons why international students are going to New Zealand for further education.

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Long Lists of Subjects and Research

There are eight major institutions, located across the main North and South islands, make up the University System in the country of New Zealand. This distribution of institutes provides an opportunity for the students to study and research in the subject and culture they are willing to excel in. Being university, they offer degrees in science, business, and arts, but they all got their niche and offer prominent courses for the same.

Learning Experience of New Zealand

Having a base of the British education model, the New Zealand University System is said to be a research-based university. Because of this, you can easily spot the similarities like the method of teaching between both the systems. If you look at the Indian education system, it is also inspired by the British system, and because of this reason, Indian students find it easy to adjust to their system. Academic staff and teachers of the university are expected to be a researcher. This step of the university ensures students get quality learning experience. Such decisions inspire students to study in New Zealand.

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Quality Life

If you are moving to a whole new place for education, we believe education is not the only factor you look into. Lifestyle, the culture of society, quality of life, and environment also plays an important role in deciding your destination. New Zealand fulfills all such requirements to welcome international students. The country offers an environment with a multi-cultured society that exists in peace and harmony. The wide variety of landscape, from steaming volcanoes to snowcapped mountains and lush green forests, it inspires and helps students to nurture and grow themselves. This beautiful diversity motivates the students to study in New Zealand.

Low Annual Tuition Fees and Living Expense

The financial status of the family is one big concern for many students and looking at this point, New Zealand Universities are a good solution to one such financial issue faced by students. As Universities provide quality education at lower annual tuition fees, it opens the door of opportunities for many students across the globe. Apart from education, Living expenses in New Zealand are also lower than in other countries. It is easy for students to find living accommodation and food at a reasonable price. The country also provides transportation at a considerable price. For recreational activities, they offer easy access to beaches, rivers, and forests.

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Support Your Studies

If you are an international student, New Zealand will allow you to work for 20 hours a week during your semester period and full time during your breaks and if you are doing research for doctoral or masters degree, they allow you to work full time. Quality learning at affordable fees, multicultured peaceful environment, and job opportunities are some major reasons why students around the globe want to study in New Zealand.